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We Work With You To Find Mediated Solutions

When considering a divorce, it may be worthwhile to review mediation first. Mediation will allow you and your spouse to discuss the relevant issues surrounding your divorce without the courtroom pressure. While mediation may be a good first step for you and your spouse, make sure you have legal representation from a divorce attorney who can ensure that your rights are protected.

What Is Divorce Mediation?

In mediation, you and your spouse hire a mediator who is a neutral third party to your situation. The mediator's job is to facilitate discussion in an effort for the two sides to determine the most amicable resolution.

The benefits of mediation can include the following:

  • It is cheaper than a courtroom trial or divorce hearings.
  • Many, if not all, issues can be resolved.
  • It is confidential (a trial is not).
  • It allows for your own solutions to problems instead of having ones imposed.
  • A lawyer can provide important legal advice the entire process.
  • The whole process is controlled by you and your spouse rather than the court.
  • Future conflicts can be avoided by improved communication.

Mediation is certainly worth the effort for any couple considering divorce, but some couples do not find the solution they are looking for. If you are one, this is not a failure on your part. It simply means a more traditional contested divorce is necessary in your case.

Do I Need An Attorney?

An attorney can help you state your position clearly or stand up for your interests during mediation. If your spouse insists on having a divorce lawyer present, you should make sure you do the same.

If you and your spouse are willing to compromise and negotiate, mediation can work for you both. Attorney Lauren Powell is a great resource to have during this time. She can uphold your rights in mediation or if your divorce needs to go to court.

Call our office in Grapevine, Texas, to learn more about mediation and to have a reputable attorney by your side!