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You Have Control Over Your Divorce

Most people approach divorce with significant uncertainty. At Powell Law Offices, P.C., we will ease your concerns by truly listening to you about your situation and goals. We will provide legal counsel and experienced guidance throughout your case, ensuring that your matter is handled in a way that is best for you and your family.

What this means for you is that you have more control over the situation than you might think. While divorce is a stressful and uncertain time, having a divorce lawyer on your side who understands what you want and can help you get there is invaluable.

We Tailor Representation To Your Goals

Your divorce is not going to be like any other divorce. You are in a unique situation and you have unique family relationships. It may be best for you to work collaboratively to reach solutions that preserve your relationship with your ex-spouse, for example. This can be done outside of court or in negotiations prior to trial. You may wish to lower the cost of divorce by filing for an agreed divorce.

It may be that you need to protect your children by ensuring that they have a nurturing home environment. Or you may need to protect your finances when dividing property in divorce by saving your retirement accounts or business. In some cases, this can be done only in court.

Attorney Lauren Powell is a tough negotiator and trial advocate. She is ready to fight for you aggressively in and out of court whenever necessary. However, our goal is never to engage needlessly in litigation or to be adversarial if there is a more effective, efficient and less confrontational way to resolve legal issues.

Constant Communication Is Key. Get Started With An Initial Consultation.

Schedule an initial consultation with Powell Law Offices, P.C., and we think you'll agree that our approach is the right one. You can reach our office in Grapevine, Texas, by calling 972-584-1160.