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Helping You Find Relief From Debt

Debt can quickly become overwhelming.. Powell Law Offices, P.C., can evaluate your case and help you determine whether bankruptcy is the right form of debt relief for you.

Attorney Lauren Powell is Nationally Board Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy through the American Board of Certification. This achievement recognizes Lauren Powell’s experience and knowledge of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy law and procedure, and is an honor granted to a handful of attorneys nationwide.

Lauren Powell meets with every client personally, and personally manages each client’s bankruptcy case before the case is filed, during the case, and after the case is completed. Lauren Powell has over 15 years of experience and will work with you to find a path forward.

We offer a free consultation during which Attorney Lauren Powell will advise you on your options regarding bankruptcy or other forms of debt relief. If you need debt relief and need to know your options, contact us today!

Bankruptcy Practice Areas
  • Chapter 7 "liquidation":This is the bankruptcy most people think about when they think about bankruptcy. You must meet strict income requirements to be able to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In most instances, Chapter 7 bankruptcy will eliminate your unsecured debts, such as credit card debt, medical debt, and personal loans.
  • Chapter 13 "reorganization": Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a debt repayment plan, where you can pay part or all of your debt back over a three to five year time period. Any unsecured debt not repaid through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is discharged. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can allow you to catch up mortgage payments, car payments, and repay income taxes and child support.
Why Hire Powell Law Offices, P.C., for Your Bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy is a difficult decision and involves a lot of emotions and uncertainty. Powell Law Offices, P.C., is committed to clients and will provide outstanding support and guidance from day one. Lauren Powell, our knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer, will work with you directly from your first consultation until your bankruptcy case is complete. You will have direct access to your lawyer at all times.

Contact a Grapevine Bankruptcy Attorney to Schedule a Free Initial Consultation

Before filing for bankruptcy or eliminating it as an option, consult with Lauren Powell from Powell Law Offices, P.C., at no cost. She will gladly review your situation and help you decide whether bankruptcy is right for you. Contact us today at 972-584-9382. She represents clients throughout North Texas.