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Child Custody

Protecting Your Rights as a Parent

A divorcing couple will need to make many crucial decisions pertaining to their family and their future. One of the most important legal decisions will include determining the custody of their minor children. When your parenting privileges are on the line, place your trust in the hands of a qualified professional from our firm. We know how to protect you.

Types of Child Custody

Separating couples will have the option to make a child custody arrangement without the involvement of the courts through the process of mediation or negotiation. If the couple cannot come to a mutual agreement, however, the courts may step in and create a child custody order on behalf of the separating couple. The courts will make decisions based on what is deemed to be in the best interests of the child(ren).

Custody can be arranged in the following ways:

  • Legal custody — This refers to the right and the responsibility to help make major decisions for the child(ren).
  • Physical custody — This determines where the child(ren) will live.
  • Sole custody — Only one parent will have legal and physical custody of the child(ren).
  • Joint custody — Both parents will share the responsibility of legal and physical custody.
  • Visitation — If a separating couple plans to share custody, visitation can be arranged through a detailed parenting schedule.
  • Parenting plans — Parenting plans can establish specific dates, times and holidays that a noncustodial parent can have the child(ren).

Divorce can often be a defining moment in a person's life. Because separating from a spouse can have several legal implications, the final decisions could have long-lasting effects on every member of the family — not just the separating spouses. The process of divorce could have emotional and psychological impacts on children, especially in matters that are not carefully handled by a qualified legal professional.

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If you need assistance as you and your former spouse make important decisions regarding parenting and your children, including matters relating to custody, child support, adoption and enforcement of existing orders, please contact our Grapevine child custody lawyer immediately. Our attorney takes extreme care in protecting the interests of our clients. We can help inform you of your rights at this time so that you can make empowered decisions for you and your family.

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