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COVID-19 Update: How We Are Serving and Protecting Our Clients

At Powell Law Offices, we understand the daily challenges facing parents and families.

Perhaps you or your spouse have been circling divorce for years, or you share a child with an ex-partner who is making your life difficult. You might even be a victim of COVID-19’s many consequences. In these times, everyone is hurting in one way or another.

A common question we are asked in light of the COVID-19 disaster, is whether or not a person is still able to go to court for a divorce or child custody matter. There is a misconception that the courts are closed and all legal matters must be postponed. This is simply not true. The courts are operational and are conducting hearings. Our office is fully operational as well.

The courts recognize the necessity for family court. Whether you wish to file for divorce, or are unable to see your child, the law remains in full effect to protect you and your children. If you need any type of adjustment to your existing court order, our team is ready to fight for you.

We understand the economical effects the virus has created and it may be negatively affecting your marriage or your children. Powell Law Offices is happy to give you the advise you need now, to help you prepare for any legal matters you face now or in the future. Our team of family law attorneys are available to meet with you now for a free consultation and develop a personalized strategy for your specific case.

We encourage everyone to understand that in legal matters, it is better to be proactive and not reactive. If you believe your circumstances warrant a discussion with our team, call our office and set up your free consult.

Due to the virus, we are available in person, teleconference (Zoom, Facetime, etc.), or phone to meet and discuss your needs. We send all documents via a secure electronic delivery and e-signature system.

We look forward to serving you and providing you with the best legal care available.

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