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Estate Planning

Helping You Prepare for the Future

Sudden illness or a tragic accident can end a life unexpectedly at any time. Shouldn't you be prepared in case a tragedy happens to you? Your family deserves to be well cared for after you're gone, and at Powell Law Offices, P.C., we can help you take legal measures to ensure that they are.

Estate Planning Tools That Prepare for Every Eventuality

Estate planning is the process by which individuals prepare their estate for their eventual passing. There are two types of wills:

  • Living wills can be written to outline exactly how you want your estate to be handled if you become incapable of caring for your estate yourself. Common examples include when the testator falls into a coma or suffers severe brain damage that makes it impossible for him or her to handle the estate. Living wills also outline the testator's will in matters such as powers of attorney and life support decisions.
  • A last will and testament. This document applies to the testator's estate after death. A last will and testament will designate an estate administrator to handle the property after the testator has passed away. The estate administrator's responsibility includes liquidating the testator's assets, repaying debtors, paying estate taxes and distributing the remaining estate according to the testator's wishes. If there is no last will or if no estate administrator is designated within the will, the court will appoint a fiduciary to handle the matter. A Texas lawyer can help you draft a strong and unambiguous living will or last will to ensure that your property is handled according to your wishes after you are gone.
Consult With a Will Lawyer in Texas

Estate planning is a sensitive issue and should be handled by an equally sensitive attorney. Contact Powell Law Offices, P.C., today to retain a respectful and understanding lawyer who will help you through the estate planning process step by step. We understand that these decisions may make you uncomfortable, but we will do everything to help make the process as quick and simple as possible. Your family and loved ones deserve to be taken care of in case of an unfortunate accident, so don't wait another minute. Schedule a consultation at our Grapevine, Texas, office to discuss your case directly with a lawyer from our firm.

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