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Family-Based Adoption

Helping Unite Families Through Adoption

Adoption is one of the greatest gifts you can bestow on a child. Whether you are looking to unite your family or protect a vulnerable child or just want to take concrete action to demonstrate your love for your child, we are proud to represent and support stepparents and grandparents looking to adopt children.

Extensive and Diverse Legal Experience put to Your Benefit

Attorney Lauren Powell has been handling legal issues involving family in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex for over a decade. Her depth and breadth of knowledge mean you can rest assured that she is capable of handling all legal matters relating to your adoption.

If you are engaged in a child custody dispute, she is a trial attorney who seeks positive solutions for children. If you just need to have your paperwork reviewed, she is meticulous in her preparation and review of the legal process associated with adoption.

Stepparent Adoptions

A stepparent adoption can be complicated in Texas. To adopt a stepchild, a stepparent must show the court that:

  • The biological parents agree to the adoption.
  • The absent biological parent cannot be found or is unknown or the adoptee is an adult.

If the absent or noncustodial biological parent agrees to the adoption, you must first get a voluntary termination of parental rights.

Handling Both Voluntary and Involuntary Termination of Parental Rights

In some cases, an adoption can go relatively smoothly, despite the need for meticulously prepared paperwork. In other cases, however, a biological parent may not want to terminate his or her parental rights. In such cases, the biological parent's rights must be involuntarily terminated prior to adopting. A court will involuntarily terminate a biological parent's parental rights for several reasons, which are mentioned specifically in the Texas Family Code. These include:

  • Child abuse
  • Substance abuse
  • Placing the child at risk
  • Abandonment
  • Not providing food, clothing, shelter or education

This is not an exhaustive list, so for a discussion of your situation and whether an involuntary termination may be an option, schedule an initial consultation with an experienced adoption lawyer by calling (972) 584-9382.

Our main office is located in Grapevine, and we offer office visits throughout North Texas by appointment.