Attorney Shelly Terrill is the former Staff Attorney for the Plano Chapter 13 Trustee, and has over 25 years of experience representing individuals and business owners in bankruptcy, family law and litigation matters.

Shelly is an experienced attorney who possesses a wealth of experience to draw upon in order to represent clients through tough and turbulent times. Shelly’s cumulative experience gives her a unique ability to understand and represent parties in estates, bankruptcies and divorces involving complex and valuable assets, financial matters, as well as potential business division issues and tax issues.

Shelly has been a panelist and speaker at legal conferences among her peers, and is known for her friendliness, willingness to help, and a strong desire to educate others on the law. Shelly has effectively represented creditors, small business owners, debtors, individuals in family law cases, and seniors in various matters to protect their interests in and out of town. Shelly concentrates her practice in the areas of bankruptcy, divorce, child custody, child support, modification, enforcement, family law, and estate planning.

Shelly understands the pressures and stress that most clients are under and states that it is her “goal to fairly represent the client, protect their interests, and to ensure effective communication” so that the client has a full understanding of their legal matter and the process involved in achieving the best possible resolution. Call Shelly today for a free consultation at (972) 584-9382.

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